This week we celebrate the eighth year of National Cupcake Week (19-25 September) for all you sweet-toothed baking enthusiasts and we want to know what you will be whipping up for the next seven days.

Here at British Baker, we started National Cupcake Week early, as last week we took a trip to AB Mauri’s Centre of Excellence in Corby, Northamptonshire for the National Cupcake Championships to taste cupcakes from five different categories.

After much deliberation, we crowned Sarah Louise Profitt from Betty’s Craft Bakery as the overall winner for her Pink Champagne and Strawberry Cupcake.

National Cupcake Week has already taken social media by storm and has been one of the top trends on Twitter, with thousands of people posting about the event.

Now, we want to hear from you! We want you to tell us how you will be celebrating during this year’s Cupcake Week - whether it’s sending in some photographs of your products or even a cupcake selfie via our social media site: @BritishBaker

Check out our video produced from the team and indulge in some of the cupcakes to get you inspired for the week ahead.