Premium pie restaurant chain Square Pie is launching the UK’s first gourmet pie into the freezer in Sainsbury’s from 4April.

Square Pie’s award-winning pies will be available in Steak & Ale, Chicken & Mushroom, and Spinach, Sweet Potato & Goat’s Cheese (V), nationally in over 400 Sainsbury’s stores. An individual 265g pie will cost £3.

Martin Dewey, Square Pie’s founder, said: “We have been getting lots of customers in our restaurants buying our lovely pies, unbaked, to enjoy at home, so we thought it was a great idea to team up with Sainsbury’s and bring something new, that tastes amazing,  to the freezer.

“People can now share a proper ‘pie moment’ at home – the pies are exactly the same as we serve in our restaurants, so it will be like being at one of our sites, except you’ll be able to choose the music!”

Last month, Square Pie launched two gluten-free pies at its restaurants.