Today’s Stop the Week is cake themed, so grab a cuppa and get reading. 

It’s a small world

A tiny cake in a tiny kitchen - one Japanese baker has created the world’s smallest Victoria Sponge, fit for a mouse.

The baker created the miniature confection on a new Japanese internet cookery series called Minature Space. The show creates a how-to video in the world’s tiniest kitchen with the world’s tiniest equipment.

Cooked on tiny pots and pans, the video shows how to make a tiny strawberry sponge cake using a tiny icing bag. Did we mention everything about this cake is tiny?

He has also made a pancake, donut and a konapun pudding, and guess what, they are everything but big. They are tiny!

Watch the cake video here, you may even get a tiny bit of inspiration… 

It’s raining cake!

You could believe it was indeed raining cake after a helicopter dropped its cargo box containing army rations, including cakes, sugar, energy bars and plastic cutlery among other things.

According to Wales Online, the helicopter accidentally dropped the rations 100m from the M4 and landed in a nearby field. Luckily nobody and no animals were harmed, despite the fact the field contained sheep

Destination: Britain’s Cake Capital

North York Moors & Coast has proclaimed itself ‘Britain’s Capital of Cake’ in a bid to recognise the many different types of cake in the area.

The tourism initiative hopes to raise the profile of the multitude of cake-eating locations that include cafés, tea parlours, holiday cottages, abbeys, woods, waterfalls, walled gardens, seashore, stately homes and village greens.

Local Helmsley baker Rhian Crusher, of Celebrate! Country Cake Design, has also created the cake-map cake, depicting some of the spots and tourist attractions of the North York Moors & Coast in icing and sponge.

A website called has also been created, listing the 50 most popular types of cake that are baked in the area. It also lists five reasons to eat cake, one of them being: Life’s uncertain. Eat cake and dessert first! A worthy motto we think?