It’s stop the week, and this time we introduce you to the newest doughnut hybrid, the bear who loves bread, and a pretty pricey cheese toasty.

When the doughnut met the sausage

Hybrids- the buzzword in bakery for the majority of last year- but now behold a new kind of hybrid. Bakers and butchers are known to cross paths, but have you heard of a dausage?

The dausage is a sausage-meets-doughnut hybrid but without the dough, with the meat filled with a strawberry or raspberry jam.

While they may sound strange, the dausage creator, Liam Bennett from Wales, says that the sweet-savoury combo is actually a proven winner with those who have tried it. He is currently making them by hand and selling them at food fairs, but is raising funds for the world’s first dausage machine. Dausage roll anyone?

What’s the difference between a cheese toasty and £100?

The cheese toasty might be a solid go-to lunch staple, but you could find yourself slightly out of pocket if you were to eat one of these regularly. The world’s most expensive cheese toasty will cost you $214 (£138.19) a pop, and is made with champagne, lobster, truffle oil and of course, 24-carat gold.

What is more, this golden edged cheese toasty wallet-suicide, must be ordered at least 48 hours before hand to give the chefs at the New York restaurant, Serendipity 3, to prepare the ‘masterpiece.’ So if you thought a three minute jobby in the panini machine with some ketchup on the side was enough, you were wrong…

Sliced bread sales saved by bear

With the current sales figures around wrapped bread falling, it’s nice to know that somebody is still lapping up the stuff! Take a look at this video, posted by YouTube user Sampson Lee.

The video features a grisly looking bear, making a remarkable paw catch when two safari goers throw bread to it!

Could marketing loaves to bears be the answer to wrapped bread woes?