Arla Foods Ingredients is targeting the retail bakery market for the first time, British Baker can reveal.

The Danish ingredients firm, with UK offices in Redhill, Surrey, has developed the new range of powder egg replacer products specifically for high street bakers. Arla’s Nutrilac BK 23015 and BK 23025 products have been designed to be less concentrated than its existing industrial-scale egg replacers, which are currently used by larger plant bakeries and manufacturers.

John Gelley, sales manager for Arla Foods Ingredients’ bakery business, told British Baker: “The launch of these two new ‘off-the-peg’ Nutrilac egg replacers is highly significant. It means that, for the first time, high street and retail bakeries can benefit from the cost and performance benefits of Nutrilac egg replacers at a time when the price of eggs is going through the roof.

“We’ve created these two products in a way that makes it extremely simple and straightforward for busy bakers to replace the eggs in their existing recipes without worrying about the impact this will have on their formulations. It’s simply a case of selecting the right Nutrilac ingredient for the right product and then it’s business as usual – but with dramatically reduced costs.”

Arla said its Nutrilac free-flowing powders, which can be used for whipped batter products, as well as general cake mixes, can enhance the nutritional profile of bakery goods by reducing saturated fat and cholesterol content.

The firm also claimed that for bakers using its Nutrilac products, the cost is approximately 20% lower than using liquid eggs.

After exhibiting at the iba trade fair in Munich, Germany, last week, Arla claimed it could help bakers to drive down costs by highlighting the difference in the price of eggs and its own egg replacers using a new calculator tool.