CSM has extended its Classic Cake range with the addition of individually wrapped cake bars.

Available in four flavours - brownie, flapjack, raspberry flapjack and chocolate flapjack, the range is aimed at coffee shops, sandwich and convenience stores. Each flavour has its own colour theme for easy identification on shelf.

Kantar Lunchbox Consumption data for the two years from February 2010 to February 2012 highlights that workplace lunchbox consumption saw the largest rise in number of occasions consumed. Eating occasions are up by 5.1% to 2.9 billion per year, showing lunchboxes are a great opportunity to help increase sales. 

Liz Kerr, Classic Cake brand manager, said: “The four delicious flavours are the most popular in the sector, and are clearly targeted at coffee shops, sandwich bars and the convenience sector. As the Allegra Eating Out in the UK stats show a big growth in these sectors, we are confident the range will make a real impact within the category.

“We have plans in place to extend the range even further later in the year, so it offers a full range of cakes to suit lots of different occasions.”