Mariani Packing, the largest independently-owned producer and packer of dried fruit in the world, said it had seen increased sales since the opening of its European warehouse.

The company said the site, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, offers its customers “efficiency and flexibility”, meaning it can now supply small batch pallet quantities with significantly reduced lead times, and can still order full containers direct from Mariani in the United States

In the past 12 months, since the warehouse in Rotterdam opened, Mariani has seen orders from all major and emerging markets across Europe.


Mariani also has placed more focus on new product development and has increased its product range by 400% since May 2013. The most recent additions include a range of single and double-diced dried fruits (cranberries/apricots/dates) and flavoured raisins (orange and strawberry) made using all natural flavourings, all of which are ideally suited to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Andy Humphries, director of Mariani Europe, said: “We are not surprised by our success. However, the whole team has worked extremely hard to achieve it. Mariani will continue to focus on expanding product lines and creating business solutions in the coming year, in order to better service our European customers.”