Stand-up comedian Tony Law will front a two-week coffee campaign and mini-series, Finding Hannah, in support of Fairtrade coffee.

Running from 30 September-13 October, the campaign is designed to connect coffee lovers to the farming communities who grow their favourite beans through a digital treasure hunt and a series of short online films.

Starting in a Co-operative store in Clapham, London, Tony instructs others on “Fairdom”. He then meets Hannah, “a Fairtrade novice”, whom he educates and connects to the farming communities.

During the two weeks, Fairtrade coffee fans will watch the mini-series to unlock clues, revealing the country Tony and Hannah are visiting. Fans can guess at, giving them the chance to win a trip for two to the destination worth £4,000.

To improve the chance of winning, entrants can get special codes from any of the four lead campaign partners, Cafédirect, The Co-operative, Greggs and Starbucks, which unlock exclusive film content. Consumers can also win prizes from other Fairtrade coffee brands, as well as learn lessons about the environmental, economic and social impact of Fairtrade for coffee farmers.

Commenting on the campaign, Law said: “This campaign is simply about how very small choices around what coffee you drink can help improve the lives of disadvantaged farmers.”

Fairtrade works with more than 580,000 smallholder coffee farmers globally who grow their coffee on farms of two hectares or less. Last year, a Fairtrade premium of approximately £23m globally was paid back to coffee farmers around the world for investment in their businesses or community development projects, such as clean water or education.

Kate Lewis, Fairtrade coffee genius, said: “You have the power to change the world one purchase at a time through buying Fairtrade coffee. Our farmers always get at least what it costs them to grow their coffee - amazingly, other farmers might not. Only with Fairtrade do farmers receive an additional amount, the Fairtrade Premium. They choose for themselves how to invest it to build stronger communities and businesses.

“Last year retail sales of Fairtrade coffee were just over £192m, with an estimated 14 million cups of Fairtrade coffee drunk every day. Fairtrade is a consumer drink of choice and our aim in 2013 is to support more Fairtrade farmers and their communities than ever before by increasing sales and availability.”

Coffee was one of the first Fairtrade products to be launched in the UK in 1994, making it and the Fairtrade Foundation’s 20th birthday next year.