Italian company Pastorfrigor has launched what it describes as “breakthrough refrigeration technology”.

The Genova Ecovision MCT from Pastorfrigor, due to hit the UK in August, “is set to bring back the flexibility of integral refrigerators to convenience retailers”, it said in a statement.

The Genova Ecovision MCT is a low-front glass door integral multideck that features “innovative technology” in the form of a Micro Channel Evaporator.  The company said a new generation of plug-in Genova chillers with open multideck and freezers will follow this launch.

Simon Robinson, Pastorfrigor GB’s managing director, said: “The new evaporator enables us to use much less refrigerant, resulting in us being able to use smaller compressors. 

“This delivers lower energy consumption and less heat rejection compared to a standard cabinet, meaning it takes away all of the reasons why retailers prefer not to use integrals, such as higher running costs, noisy condensing units and heat rejection issues into the store.”

The Ecovision has 5 Tier 500mm shelves, a choice of door styles to suit customers’ needs, and LED lighting. The cabinet is produced in 3M0 and 3M1 versions and available to pre-order now for deliveries from August this year.

“A water-loop system is also available for the Genova Ecovision MCT, which is a superb way to remove the heat generated from the cabinets in the store,” added Robinson.

“This system uses water via a plastic hose, a pump and a condenser outside. There is also the additional benefit that you need significantly less refrigerant and installation compared to a conventional remote system.”