A Hello Kitty-themed pop-up café is being run over the summer months at Cutter & Squidge in London.

Customers at the Soho café and shop will be able to enjoy a Hello Kitty afternoon tea for £40 per person or £20 per child under eight.

The basement of the café has been transformed into a Hello Kitty-themed secret garden, featuring hundreds of soft toys and the character painted on the walls.

The menu, which is available until 31 August, features pink lemonade, savoury cheese scones, a choice of sandwiches, strawberry milkshake biskies and apple pie mousse. Biskies are one of Cutter & Squidge’s signature products, made of two discs of half biscuit, half cake, and filled with flavoured buttercream.

“We are beyond excited to be the first European café to host this beloved character – our only worry is that the range will be too cute to eat,” said Cutter & Squidge’s co-owner Annabel Lui.