Manchester-based Robinsons the Master Bakers appeared on BBC One’s 1pm news this week, talking about the upcoming election.

The family business spoke to John Kay from the channel about what they thought about politics.

Grace Robinson said: “Politicians are talking to each other and I don’t think that’s good enough.

“None of them, to my knowledge, have ever worked in a proper industry when they have to do hard work. They sit at a desk and talk to each other. None of them have ever had to do anything that makes them sweat.

“They think one visit every five years to a place like Failsworth does the job, but it doesn’t.”

The bakery has also made a Muffinometer, with a selection of different flavoured muffins that relate to each party.

Sue Robinson, a director at the business, said: “We have sold out on the undecided flavours, and the blueberry and raspberry (Conservative and Labour) are neck and neck.

“The fruit and nut flavour is also very popular! That’s the monster raving loony party. It’s all just a bit of fun really.”

The video taping at the bakery was part of the BBC’s tour round the UK to gauge election opinions.

The business is Manchester’s oldest family-run craft bakery and was established in 1864. As a business it has seen more than 40 election campaigns.