Exporter of artisan British cheeses The Fine Cheese Co has joined forces with cheese-maker Joe Schneider to create the thin and crispy pack - ‘Stichelton Toast’.

The toast is made by combining unpasteurised Stichelton blue cheese with buttermilk, sesame seeds, a dash of lemon juice, before seasoning.

Each slice of Toast is cut thinly to make it light and crunchy and will be sold through The Fine Cheese Co mail order website and shops from Wednesday 7 September. It will also be available from independent cheese shops and delicatessens throughout the UK – RRP £3.25-£3.50.

Schneider has been cheese-making in England for almost 20 years, and has been specifically making his creation, Stichelton, for a decade.

“The people at The Fine Cheese Co are fun to work with and the business is cool, so obviously when we started the collaboration process of developing Stichelton Toast, we were hoping it would make us cooler by association.

“I ate the sample box they sent me in one sitting, at work so no Tawny Port, but they were definitely addictive. I’m really excited to see them launch, and am proud of being a part of The Fine Cheese Co  range.”

The Stichelton Toast will be launching at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2016, which is running from 4-6 September at Olympia, London.

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