What’s new?

A range of two, compact electric convection ovens - the KF620 and KF412 from Katermart - suitable for bakers, coffee shops and sandwich bars.

What’s so special about it?

Both ovens can be plugged into a 13A socket, so none of that three-phase special power requirement rubbish. Just plug & play! And both are small enough to sit comfortably on a standard worktop, so you don’t have to rearrange your shop layout.

What’s the biggest benefit to bakers or caterers?

You want more? OK then. The smaller oven (the KF412) is perfect for baking croissants, sandwiches, pizzas and other breakfast items, while the larger oven (the KF620) can warm up pizzas and croissants.

So explain the techie stuff.

The KF412 weighs in at 25kg and has a temperature range of between 50°C and 300°C, using fan circulated air. Supplied with two trays and two grills, it has four shelf positions, indirect humidification, a lateral hinged door, enamelled steel cooking compartment, and an interior light.

The slightly larger, but still compact KF620 weighs in at 35kg. It too uses fan-circulated air, has an enamelled steel cooking compartment, interior light and four shelf positions. It also includes a 120-minute timer and four trays.

Bottom line, will this save cash or make more money?

Both! At just £599 for the KF412 and only £549 for the KF620 you’ll get all the credit without the crunch! Also, those little 13amp plugs will keep your energy usage to a minimum.

For further information call Katermart on 0845 872 5000, or visit the company’s new web site at [http://www.katermart.co.uk].