Allied Bakeries has announced it will be introducing 100% recycled packaging on its Kingsmill Little Big Loaf and Crusts Away ranges.

The new packaging will be made using clean off-cuts from the bread bag making process, said the firm.

“By developing a way to recycle our packaging off-cuts we will save 1.4 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of recycled film made,” explained Allied’s category director Guy Shepherd.

Both the Little Big Loaf and Crusts Away ranges have been designed specifically to minimise wastage. The Little Big Loaf offers fewer slices for smaller households, while the Crusts Away range has been developed especially for lunchboxes, sandwiches and for children who don’t like crusts.

The 100% recycled packaging initiative forms part of the firm’s on-going commitment to minimise its environmental impact.

In 2009 it became the only major bread and bakery manufacturer to use the Trust’s Carbon reduction label as part of its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

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