The Bad Boys’ Bakery is reportedly set to grow – after reducing the amount of reoffending for former Brixton Prison inmates.

The BBC reported over Christmas that the prison bakery, which was set up for a Gordon Ramsay TV show, is set to adopt a double shift pattern.

It also said that the reoffending rate for those who worked in the bakery was 3%, while the rest of the prison was about 40%.

The prison’s governor, Ed Tullett, wants to expand the business to teach more inmates new skills and help them find jobs when they are released.

Last year the bakery won two Adult Learners’ Week awards.

It picked up the European Social Fund national project award, while former baker Chris McKay picked up the European Social Fund individual award for the London region.

Adult Learners’ Week, which is designed to celebrate lifelong learning, takes place June 14-20 and is now in its 23rd year.