Ingredients supplier Bakels is launching a range of healthy products, including an Omega 3 patent-pending paste, which it says is unique on the market.

Following the success of its Low GI bread mix, currently selling the equivalent of one million 800g loaves a month, MD Paul Morrow said the company was building its added-value health range.

He told British Baker that Nutro-mega is a relatively ’cheap’ and ’effective way’ of adding Omega 3 marine oil to bakery products, costing around 7p to add 2% to a 400g loaf of bread. Bakers using the mix at the recommeded percentage can legally claim a two to three-slice portion "helps maintain a healthy heart".

The launch is part of a series of new healthy bread products from Bakels. Legally Low, a powdered improver, which is low in salt, sugar and fat, has been developed and is aimed particularly at public institutions. "If bakers use this product then they can legally claim that goods are low in sodium, sugar, fat and saturated fat," said Morrow.

Other new products include Oat Mix, enriched with beta glucan, and a Country Oven Low Gi pre-mix, which is baked in trays and then made into slices, with a GI rating in the mid-30s.

Morrow added: "If products taste good and have added health benefits, it gives bakers an opportunity to increase their margins."