Bakery ingredients supplier Bakels has launched a new bread concentrate, helping bakers to further reach health-conscious consumers.

The Chia Bread Concentrate is based on the superfood Chia and its plant seeds, which are high in Omega 3, contain eight essential amino acids as well as high levels of essential fatty acids.

Pauline Ferrol, national sales controller of British Bakels, said: “There can be no doubt that bakers will be able to sell Chia bread on its healthy properties – but what will get consumers coming back time and time again is the great taste.

“We launched Country Oven Low GI Multiseed Bread some eight years ago, based on the fact that it is a great-tasting bread that is good for you. It is now our top-selling bread concentrate, offering our customers a first-class selling price and great margins. Chia bread also tastes good and has a very healthy image. We are convinced that bakers who launch this bread will be on to a real winner.”

The Chia plant – also known as salvia hispanica – is native to Mexico and South America and is considered a “super food” because it is a complete source of macro-nutrients. The European Union approved Chia seeds as a novel food in 2009, allowing use up to five per cent of bread’s total matter.

Ferrol added: “It was Australian Bakels who first developed Chia Bread in the group, and initial sales of Chia Bread have been even higher than Multiseed when it launched there. Just as we were first into the UK with Low Gi bread, so we are first with Chia Bread – we’re convinced this has the potential to be every bit as big.”

This is the third major healthy bread launch by British Bakels, joining the company’s Multiseed and Oat & Barley bread. Chia Bread has a usage of 50% of dough weight and is available in 12.5kg sacks.