"Bakels Multiseed is now the biggest-selling product in four of our worldwide businesses," Paul Morrow, international managing director, told British Baker at the recent Iba exhibition in Düsseldorf. Two new products were demonstrated by Bakels at the show: Diamond Glaze Extra and Frutojam Gourmet. And the firm also displayed a new Blueberry Crumble mushroom-shaped muffin.
Diamond Glaze can be applied with a palette knife on the flat surface of mousse, cakes and desserts at both frozen and ambient temperatures. When heated up to 50C it is stable on mousse cakes and pastries of any shape. It is ready to use and freeze-thaw stable.
Frutojam Gourmet is a range of bakery jams containing 45% fruit while Bakbel Blueberry Fruit filling is made from Wild Canadian Blueberries.
Bakels group chairman Armin Ulrich said: "These are much more expensive than the farmed varieties but you can really taste the difference." The fruit fillings range, called Lafruta, typically contains 70% fruit.