BakeMark UK is to change its name to CSM (United Kingdom) from 1 January.
Gerald Hoetmer, worldwide CEO of CSM, said: "The name change reflects our local and global corporate identity. It capita-lises on our position as worldwide leader in the industry, showing our ambition to use our combined strength as a group. CSM has the size to drive essential global strengths, such as innovation, without losing focus on local operations and local needs."
John Lindsay, UK country manager and business unit director, told British Baker: "CSM is the largest supplier of bakery products worldwide. The name change is a very positive move as it further indicates our firm intention to work closely as a leading member of the group."
Lindsay added: "Increasingly, British bakers are inventive and open-minded; CSM (United King-dom) is now ideally placed to develop pan-European and American trends through working with our CSM counterparts worldwide and sharing information on initiatives and innovations exclusively with our customers."
The name change will not affect UK and Irish operations or the firm’s current product brands, such as Arkady bread ingredients, Craigmillar confectionery ingredients or Readi-Bake frozen and ambient bakery products.