Bread basket recovery firm Bakers Basco says it will investigate any complaints about its workers’ conduct.

MD Paul Taylor made the assurance after a company manager contacted British Baker to complain that two Basco recovery officers had intimidated an employee into letting them into the premises. The manager, who asked to remain anonymous, said two Basco employees had arrived at its premises early in the morning and persuaded the female worker, who was alone in the building, to let them in, even though she did not have authority to do this. "Their behaviour was unnecessary," said the manager.

Taylor said some companies who were targeted for bread basket recovery were "making Basco out to be the bad guys". Employees were expected to leave a firm’s premises if asked. "Otherwise it would be trespass," he said. Basco works on behalf of major bakeries to recover bread baskets being illegally used by bakeries and caterers.