n The HGCA has collaborated with the Flour Advisory Bureau to produce a new multimedia educational resource called The Grain Chain (www.grainchain.com). This offers children aged five to 16 a fun way to learn about the ’field to fork’ cycle of how wheat is grown and used to produce breads and cereals, plus advice on eating for health and vitality.

n Sweet bakery and ingredients specialist Dawn Foods recently celebrated 15 years at its Evesham site with loyalty awards to nine members of staff who have been with the company since its start-up in the town.

n The annual Scotch Pie Championship was taking place as British Baker went to press with a record number of entries. A total of 68 bakers and butchers competed in the annual competition. Entries included Graeme Trotter’s Zurek pie in honour of his 30 Polish staff, filled with Polish smoked sausage, boiled potatoes and eggs.

n Defra minister Lord Rooker was alerted to impending supply shortages for key raw materials by the Biscuit Cake Chocolate and Confectionery Association last week. Lord Rooker said he knew that prices were continuing to rise, but the BCCCA was the first trade association to have alerted him to the uneasy balance between supply and demand for many products, with stock levels now low.

n Wholesaler Bako’s Northern and Scotland divisions are putting their quarterly price list and Today’s Bako monthly magazine online in an effort to reduce paper. Bako estimates the two publications have consumed nearly half a ton of paper since their launch in January 2005.