British Baker is launching a new campaign to prevent the government from taxing hot food.

Say NO to the pie tax aims to drum up support from the industry and ensure the decision within the recently announced Budget to tax products served hot, such as pies and pasties, by 20% is not to go ahead.

Martyn Leek, editor of British Baker, said: “The current strain on the baking industry because of the economic downturn has meant that the newly proposed VAT could cause unnecessary pressure. There are a lot of grey areas surrounding the hot food tax, and we should question whether it is more of a burden.

“From bakers we have spoken to, many are opposed to the government’s move, so now is the time the industry needs to stand up together and unite.”

Some of the industry’s biggest players, such as Greggs, have already called for action against the proposed VAT move.

To join the crusade

  • Like British Baker’s dedicated Facebook page and voice your opinions within the craft bakery community
  • Pledge your support and sign the e-petition to try and stop the tax from going ahead