Global bakery-café chain Cinnabon, which specialises in cinnamon rolls, plans to muscle in on the UK market by opening 40 stores over the next five years.

The company, which originates in the US and operates over 700 stores in 30 countries, recently let loose a team of muscle-bound ’Cinnahunks’, laden with samples, on unsuspecting Oxford Street shoppers. The stunt aimed to raise the profile of its three London stores in Trocadero, Oxford Street and Queensway, which have opened in the past year.

General manager Janine Hoggins told British Baker that the chain hopes to open a further one or two stores in the capital this year, before stepping up its expansion with a national roll-out. "We are looking for smaller sites in shopping centres, as well as high street locations," she said. "There are some good deals to be had on rents at the moment; we feel it is the right time for expansion."

Cinnamon rolls comprise dough wrapped around a brown sugar and cinnamon filling, topped with frosting. All components, including the dough, are made from scratch at individual sites in front of customers.

The rolls are served hot and can be eaten in or taken away, with free delivery offered within a mile radius.