I don’t often go into bakeries. I usually just shop in Sainsbury’s for cost and convenience.

I don’t even shop at the Sainsbury’s in-store bakery, as I would think that these products would be more expensive.

I’m quite predictable with the bread that I buy and usually just get Best of Both or bread with seeds. This makes good sandwiches, which I take to work about three times a week. My favourite is brown bread with cold baked beans - strange I know.

The only time I buy ready-made sandwiches is when I’m in town, shopping for clothes. I like to buy them from Boots, Marks & Spencer or, if I’m with friends, it’s a treat to sit down and enjoy a sandwich in a coffee shop.

I eat healthily, but occasionally I buy packaged brownies and jam-filled doughnuts. Because of the calorie content, I hardly ever buy pies, pasties and cakes, although, on a recent weekend away with the girls, I had fish pie, spinach and cheese pie and a big slab of chocolate cake. I’ll have to get myself to the gym after all that!

When I go on holiday to Cornwall, I will eat Cornish pasties, as it’s a tradition which started in my childhood.

I like to eat healthy foods most of the time and that’s why I don’t go into bakeries that often, as I don’t associate them with health. I think of them as selling cream cakes, sausage rolls, pies - all sorts of naughty and indulgent things like that.

Laura Clark,