Costa is turning its coffee shops green to reduce carbon emissions and conserve water.

The chain’s new dishwashers recycle steam to preheat fresh water, resulting in a 30% energy reduction and saving 15,000 litres of water a year, while reduced heat output display fridges, as well as using less energy than standard models, also mean less air conditioning is needed.

The stores now use Futura coffee machines, which are claimed to be 30% more energy-efficient, and Marco tea urns or water boilers in its larger stores, which are said to be 40% more efficient.

The move is part of owner Whitbread’s £7m ‘Good Together’ sustainability strategy, which aims to help the business cut energy consumption by 26% and water use by 20%, by 2020.

Chris George, Whitbread’s head of energy & environment, said: “By leading the way in our sector, we can show what can be achieved when you are committed to taking action on the environment...we have a real opportunity to make a difference and there is considerable scope for us to be innovative and bold.”