This market is hard to accurately call. Significant activity of late has been the cheaper pricing emanating from Sri Lanka and at times at significant discount to Indonesia and the Philippines.


All remaining stocks of the current crop from Turkey are now sold out. In California, prices are stable and reflect slow export sales over the past one to two months.


From Turkey, prices and availability on the Bourse over the past two months have been very high and low respectively, with ongoing reports that the current stocks have been depleting rapidly. If Turkey does see a step-decrease in its expected remaining current crop sales, we expect prices to weaken, especially if we approach a good new crop.


The currant crop is already mainly sold out, so pricing over the coming months will remain firm as the surpluses sitting in importers’ hands are gradually wound down at what are likely to be increasingly high prices.


Prices in Turkey for apricots have stabilised with any pricing fluctuation coming from the currency than for any other fundamental reason.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis