DuPont, the manufacturer of Teflon-branded products, has launched a brand assurance programme for its DuPont Industrial Baking Solutions (DIBS) coating systems, to ensure greater transparency in the marketplace.

The firm develops coating systems for industrial bakeware.Phil Bardsley, business manager for DuPont fluoroproducts, explained that through discussions with plant bakers over the past couple of years, the firm had discovered more transparency was needed, so that bakers could better understand the fluoropolymer technology used for its coatings. In part, its brand assurance programme was set up due to many companies claiming to sell Teflon coating bakeware that were not doing so, explained the firm. Bakers had complained that the coating didn’t work, which was giving Teflon products a bad name, but in fact they were not Teflon, it said.

Now, all its coating solutions and systems have to be applied and controlled during the application process by licensed applicators, according to strict terms in its Trade Mark Licence Agreement.

DuPont offers four coating systems: flat and small indented trays, deep-drawn moulds, perforated trays and speciality bakery solutions.