Almonds: Prices on almonds have continued to firm since the last report and this despite the Californian new crop being as big as it is. Although there remain some doubts as to whether the 1.65bn lb objective estimate could be correct, the response to this number, of weaker prices in July, was extremely short-lived and, from then on to date, prices have continued to rise.

Walnuts: In the short term, until we either see China back off from buying, or good quantities of unsold stocks coming out of Eastern Europe and California, then prices are likely to increase and remain so until at least early 2011.

Cashews: Firmer prices have continued. Unsold stocks in India and Vietnam are running down quickly, and attention has been focused on Indonesia for its uncommitted ’in-shell’ stocks, and Brazil for any surplus that might find its way into Europe.

Pecans: With China once again actively buying into the early US new crop availability, prices have risen even higher, despite the fact that the new crop appears better than predicted.

Pistachios: Prices to date remain at the exponentially high levels reached at the height of this past season and look likely to remain there until there is a sizeable replacement volume to come in from the key origins.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis