The level of saturated fat in bakery products will be tackled as part of the government’s Responsibility Deal Saturated Fat Reduction Pledge, launched on Saturday (26 October).

Almost half the food manufacturing and retail industry has already signed up to the pledge, according to the Department of Health, which will aim cut thousands of tonnes of saturated fat out of the nation’s diet.

Among those companies that have made pledges is CH & Co, which said it will be reformulating some of its best-selling cake lines. Tesco has said it will be removing 32 tonnes of saturated fat from products such as breadsticks, while Nestlé is to remove 3,800 tonnes of saturated fat from over a billion Kit Kat bars each year by reformulating the recipe.

Jane Ellison, public health minister, said: “It’s hugely encouraging that companies providing almost half of the food available on the UK market have committed to this new Responsibility Deal pledge and they are leading the way to give their customers healthier products and lower-fat alternatives.”

Melanie Leech, director general, Food and Drink Federation, added: “These significant commitments to reduce saturated fat in a wide range of products build on the achievements already delivered by a number of our members, which empower consumers to make healthier choices appropriate for their lifestyles.”

One in six male deaths and one in nine female deaths in this country are from coronary heart disease.

Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the charity, told British Baker: "By reducing the amount of saturated fat in everyday foods, these manufacturers and retailers are helping us to lower our intake. We welcome the changes made by companies signing up to this deal and will be keen to see the impact this has on the health of shoppers."