Sun Valley is relaunching its Pretz brand this month following an image revamp. The brand has also added a third flavour to the range and will be focusing on widening its distribution channels into the impulse, foodservice and convenience markets.

The new flavour, Jalapeno Chilli, joins the existing Sour Cream & Onion and Worcester Sauce varieties, which are available in 30g packs.

The packs have been redesigned to focus on the brands’ health message, to appeal to the core market of younger women and to reach the male indulgent category.

Pretz is being positioned as a ’healthy indulgent’ snack, due to the fact they are baked not fried, and contain half the fat of a standard bag of crisps.

"We wanted to show people that a healthy snack doesn’t have to be boring. Health continues to be a growing sector," said Jonathan Barr, Sun Valley marketing manager.

RRP: 45p