Warburtons revamp
Warburtons has been in talks with brand agencies ahead of an identity overhaul, according to marketingmagazine.co.uk. The brand is to refresh its identity and packaging, and will be the first major revamp in more than 10 years, it reported.

McVitie’s sat fat cut
United Biscuits has cut a further 50% saturated fat in three of its leading McVitie’s biscuit brands, following an additional £5m investment. From November 2009, McVitie’s Digestives, HobNobs and Rich Tea biscuits will be reduced in saturated fat by a further 50% following a similar reduction 12 months ago. An updated on-pack flash will promote the change.

Illegal seed in bread
According to The Daily Mail, genetically modified ’Triffid’ flax seed, which is illegal in this country, has been found in bread sold by Marks & Spencer. Flax seed oil, also known as linseed, contains high levels of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, but contaminated crops from north America and Canada have slipped through the net in recent months.

CPI on the rise
The Consumer Price Index’s annual inflation stood at 1.5% in October, up from 1.1% in September, according to the Office for National Statistics. Within food and drink, the most significant upward effect came from meat (particularly pork products) with the next most significant contributions coming from bread, cereals and vegetables.

Byron Bay wins prize
Byron Bay’s Triple Choc Fudge Cookies were crowned winners of the Best Vegsoc Approved Snack/Confectionery category at the Vegetarian Society Awards 2009, recently held at the Magic Circle Headquarters in London.