Colin Sach took office as the new master of the Worshipful Co of Bakers in front of over 250 attendees at the Election Banquet held earlier this week at Mansion House in the City of London.

He succeeds Peter Gossage, who in his keynote address spoke about an interesting year advancing the introduction of the Bakers’ Marque quality standard and representing the Bakers’ company during many Royal engagements for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the Olympics, especially the Paralympics due to his close ties in supporting stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Incoming Master Colin Sach, whose business provides corporate finance advice, told British Baker: “The Worshipful Company of Bakers is wholly committed to supporting the baking industry, as it has been throughout the last 900 years.  In practical terms today, this means not only continuing our sponsorship of students from across UK and Ireland on baking courses, but also making donations to various industry related organisations. 

“However, we also look forward to facilitating the exciting new initiative to draw together the industry with one voice, the Bakers’ Gathering.  Finally, of course, we will continue to support and foster the Bakers’ Marque, which in supporting the highest standards in our industry harks back to the very beginnings and purposes of the Bakers’ Company.”