A new report has revealed that 32% of consumers in Ireland thought organic food, including bread, was healthier for them, while only 15% said that it was full of flavour.

Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) found that more than half of Irish consumers have never purchased organic food. The number one reason cited for this was cost, with 54% believing organic food was too expensive.

Last week, FSAI’s Consultative Council hosted an open meeting to discuss current attitudes and findings in relation to organic food. Over 100 people attended the Organic Food - Fact or Fiction? event in Dublin.

Siobhán Morris, organic food consultant, said that the organic market was worth €66m in Ireland - up from €38m in 2003 - and is estimated to grow to €400m over the next five years.

She cited a recent £12m EU study, carried out by Newcastle University, which found a gene-ral trend showing organic food contained more antioxidants than conventionally made food products.