Bakery employers often find it extremely difficult to find the time or money to send their workers on essential training courses. So we have been busy thinking of ways in which we can help.

Do you need to get your new staff up to speed on basic hygiene? Or need to refresh existing staff on the latest regulations? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, the NA’s new online training system may be able to help. All you need is a computer, speakers and a broadband connection. The package teaches bakers basic hygiene, while testing them at the same time. If they get questions wrong in the module, they have to redo it.

We think there are many advantages with this system and we have tried to keep the costs of this down as much possible. It gives staff the flexibility to train by either using the computer in the bakery or at home, so saves you the cost of sending employees to college or the cost of hiring a private company to do the training.

As more skilled EU workers are coming into the country and are working in bakeries, we have responded. As of 1 May, the certificate and training became available in Polish. We are looking into doing the same with Portuguese.

The certificate has been approved by the Royal Institute of Public Health. The English version costs £30.26 inc VAT per candidate and £28.40 inc VAT for 10 or more candidates. The Polish version Basic Hygiene Course is £36.13 inc VAT per candidate and £34.27 inc VAT for 10 or more candidates.