The promotion of the craft bakery sector through industry-wide initiatives is not new, but seems to be gaining momentum and this is a very welcome development.

For many years now, the industry has supported National Doughnut Week and has raised significant sums of money for the nominated charity while also gaining new customers visiting outlets. How encouraging it was to see this year’s event gaining nationwide advertising not only on the radio but also on prime-time terrestrial television.

Now we have National Craft Bakers’ Week using the slogan ’The Shop That Never Sleeps’, brought together by the National Association of Master Bakers, supported by the Scottish Association, British Baker and several allied traders, which generated a lot of interest in the lead-up to the event and will hopefully have encouraged even more people into the craft bakeries while also giving an insight into how a bakery actually works.

A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to bring such events to everyone’s notice and it must be gratifying for those involved to see more and more bakeries signing up for these generic nationwide promotions. Why are more people participating? Because they recognise that any promotion that highlights the benefits of the local baker and brings new people through the shop door is good for business. If your firm has not got involved yet, then watch out for the next event, sign up and enjoy being part of a push to bring new customers through your doors. After all what have you got to lose?