A newly launched seaweed and black pepper oatcake is going down well in the Highlands - and beyond.

The oatcake is the brainchild of Lewis MacLean, a former Scotch Pie world champion, who runs MacLean’s Highland Bakery in Forres, which supplies a range of oatcakes to Harvey Nichols, House of Bruar and Baxters.

"We’re just a small biscuit producer," said MacLean, "so we’re always looking for something different. Seaweed has been described as ’the Scottish superfood’, so I thought we’d give it a go."

The new oatcake is high in iodine and calcium, is low in calories and fat and also contains Omega 3 and soluble fibre. It was launched at the Scottish Food Fair in Glasgow and was well received, said MacLean.

"The feedback from our own customers and those at the show was positive. They were very keen to taste it. I fully expect us to be making it in a year’s time. It’ll be a good seller."