Tesco has revealed it is to launch a breakfast sandwich range, in response to the changing ways consumers eat breakfast.

Due to the increase in the number of consumers eating breakfast on-the-go, the out-of-home breakfast market is said to be worth £2.5bn, and is growing at 6.6% annually, according to consumer analyst Crest NPD.

Breakfast-style sandwiches are also the fastest-growing area of the UK sandwich market, said Tesco, increasing at 10 times the rate of everyday varieties.

From this week, the retailer will launch a dedicated range of breakfast sandwiches, which will sit in their own fixture at the front of Tesco’s stores.

The range will include an egg florentine muffin, sausage and egg muffin, strawberry jam croissant and a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.

Debbie Allwright, sandwich buyer, Tesco, said: “Grabbing a sandwich on the go in lieu of a sit-down breakfast has become the norm for millions of working Brits. As a result, one in every 10 sandwiches we sell nowadays is a breakfast sarnie.

“We believe the British breakfast sandwich market has a massive potential and could be one of the biggest untapped food markets, which is why we are launching this new range,” she continued.

“We’ve spent the last year researching the market and, without giving out too much information to our rivals, we’ve found that sandwiches with breakfast fillings are popular right into the early afternoon.”