The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has estimated that UK wheat production for the year will be around 14.67 million tonnes, down on the five-year average by 1.5%, with plantings up 3.9%.

Oilseed rape production is estimated at 2.618 million tonnes, up 29%, with plantings up 12.85%. Winter barley production is estimated at 2.079 million tonnes, down 18.9%, with plantings down 10.1%. Spring barley production is estimated at 3.229 million tonnes, up 3.7%, with plantings up 3.8% on the five-year average.
This year’s NFU wheat yield estimate is 7.4 tonnes per hectare and 5% down on the five-year average; oilseed rape is 3.8 tonnes per hectare and up 13.6%; winter barley is 5.8 tonnes per hectare and 9.6%; spring barley is 5.3 tonnes per hectare with no change on the five-year average.

>> Outlook good for quality of wheat harvest