Wayne Caddy, Head of Baking at The School of Artisan Food, provides a detailed step-by-step masterclass on how to make a ciabatta with a biga.

Ciabatta was first produced in Veneto, but now there is at least one type of ciabatta found in nearly every Italian region. In the video, Caddy highlights the growing popularity of the slipper shaped bread as well as the desired shape and texture of the loaf:

"Firstly, the outside should have a good toothsome crust. The inside should be open, porous and waxy, and that’s all down to the high water content and we call it a super-hydrated dough. It’s a very wet, very sticky dough to start off with."

Caddy has recently been announced as one of eight bakers competing for the title of bread Bakery Master 2014.

The competition will be held during the EUROPAIN Show from 8th to 12th March 2014 at Paris Nord Villepinte in France.