A 68-year-old slice of the Queen’s wedding cake has been sold at auction for £500.

The fruitcake slice had been successfully preserved due to being doused in alcohol and kept in its original baking parchment and box.

The cake was put up for auction at Gorringes in Lewes, having previously been owned by an unnamed woman from Hove, East Sussex, whose father attended the celebration.

The cake was branded the 10,000-mile wedding cake – not because of its height or length, but because its ingredients were sent as gifts from South Africa and Australia due to post-second world war rationing.

Despite it not actually being miles long it still towered at 9 ft in four tiers, and weighed a hefty 500lbs – enough to be cut into 2,000 slices.

The bakers who created the wedding cake were none other than McVities and Price, who had received the royal seal of approval after baking Queen Mary’s wedding cake in 1893.

Even though the cake is still edible, it is not advised to be eaten.