Lydia Baines, digital & communications manager at Puratos UK, asks whether savoury patisserie is destined to be the next frontier in snacking

Government, industry and media attention on reducing sugar has led to a rise in consumer demand for savoury options.

The trend for snacking is on the up too – driven by the increasing number of people leading busy, on-the-go lifestyles and the perception that snacking is an effective way to maintain energy levels throughout the day. The combination of these factors has led to growing consumer interest in savoury snacks that are lower in added sugars.

Brands have been quick to offer NPD to meet this interest and, since 2013, the number of  ‘unique’ flavours within savoury snacks has increased by around 21%.

Of those, options that offer the consumer originality, versatility and great taste have proved the most popular.

With such an array of choice, it’s not surprising today’s savoury snack-seeking consumer is looking for something new and unique and it is here, I believe, savoury patisserie can step in. Delicious, versatile and novel enough to attract attention in a crowded market, savoury patisserie ticks multiple boxes.

Savoury cakes appeal to consumers who are shying away from added sugars, while still offering an element of indulgence – being, by definition, still a cake. Snacks offering this balance between heath and indulgence are proving popular, with Mintel reporting in May that there is a strong openness from consumers towards indulgent snacks with healthier characteristics .

As well as providing consumers with the ‘novelty’ factor they crave, savoury patisserie also offers

the consumer the convenience and versatility their lifestyle demands as it is a great option for breakfast, a snack, a light lunch when served with salad, or even an alternative dinner.

This month we have launched a Satin Savoury Mix, which can be used to create savoury patisserie suitable for snacking, such as savoury muffins, loaf cakes and more. With the current and growing trends for healthier snacking and lower-sugar options, this provides bakers with the opportunity to extend their offering by creating a range of savoury patisserie options.

The mix proved a hit with consumers in the testing stage, with 75% saying they found the concept of savoury cake attractive and 62% saying it was new and different. I believe this is indicative of what we will see in the future and savoury patisserie will only grow in popularity.