A slice of chocolate ganache tart on a black plate

Source: Getty Images / Diana Miller

  • Publication date: Wednesday 5 June
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Wednesday 22 May
  • Editorial contact: Dan Riley, dan.riley@wrbm.com

Chocolate is an ever-popular topping and filling in bakery, but with cocoa prices skyrocketing businesses are having to raise their prices or reassess their use of the ingredient. This feature will explore the reasons behind the changing market conditions, what bakers can do to mitigate some of the costs, and what alternatives could offer consumers a spot of indulgence instead.

Key areas this article will explore include:

  • What’s happening in the cocoa market? Why are prices so high?
  • How long is the situation expected to last?
  • What can suppliers and bakery businesses do to ensure supply and manage costs?
  • What options do bakeries have for reducing the amount of cocoa/chocolate in products?
  • What other flavours could bakeries embrace to offer consumers indulgence?