Delice de France has been demerged from Aryzta through a management buyout (MBO), led by managing director Thierry Cacaly.

Under the deal, Delice de France will continue an ongoing exclusive relationship with Aryzta, which it said would ensure customers had access to the full range of Delice de France products and services.

“This bold move represents an outstanding milestone in the company’s 35-year history,” said Cacaly.

The MBO follows Aryzta selling businesses including Signature Flatbreads last year, and agreeing the sale of a 43% stake in French frozen food business Picard.

“As Aryzta moves to realign its business towards a more bakery-focused offering, it presented a fantastic opportunity for myself and my leadership team to return Delice de France to the renowned independent force within the food and beverage sector since 1984,” explained Cacaly.

He added that the MBO would enable Delice de France to focus on delivering innovation and quality while growing as a business.

“Our aim is for our customers to see us as the innovative partners of choice within the food and beverage sector and we, as a team, are committed to achieving this. I look forward to working and growing our business over the coming months and years, during what will be a very exciting and dynamic future for us all.”

The Delice de France team will be contacting customers to enable them to discuss any concerns or questions regarding the buyout.