Denmark-based firm Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a suite of protein and calcium snacking solutions for kids that offer a healthier alternative to chocolate bars and other popular children’s snacks.

There is growing concern over obesity rates among children, and as a result, Arla has launched a new selection of product application solutions that benchmark against existing children’s snacks options to ensure they represent an option in terms of improved nutrition.

Among the solutions in the range is a snack cake, a 35g ‘dairy bar’ that contains 20% of protein and is low in calories. Other products in the snacking range include a yoghurt bar, a healthier dessert and a carbonised drinking yoghurt – all less than 100 calories per serving.

Kasia Lindegaard, customer marketing manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “When they are given the choice, most kids will choose snacks that are fatty and sugary because they prefer the taste. The challenge for parents, therefore, is to buy and offer them healthier products they will still enjoy, but which are better for them.

“For food manufacturers, this presents an excellent opportunity to meet a clear need in the market. Now, with these new dairy-based kids’ snacking solutions, there is an easy way to develop new products that will appeal to both parents and children.”

Earlier this month, Arla Foods Ingredients launched an exclusive breakfast campaign for its £100m commitment to back healthier eating among its consumers.