This week’s Bakers’ Mock the Week includes the superhero wedding cake and police defending their bakery-loving reputation. 

Police - bums or brave?

Somewhere along the line, policemen in general acquired a reputation for slightly over-zealous doughnut-eating. Officers from West Yorkshire Police have had enough of what they claim is a misrepresentation and have hit back on Facebook

The post read: “Leeds – some Facebookers have commented on our recent posts suggesting we should ‘go catch real criminals’. They’re under the impression that all we did was spend time eating doughnuts, stopping long enough to pick on some poor little cannabis dealer. So we thought you might be interested to know what your officers actually spent their time on yesterday….”

The post continues to list impressive numbers of cases reported and dealt with. It achieved more than 14,000 likes, nearly 2,000 shares and more than 1,100 comments.

However, the author also concedes that “maybe the odd doughnut did get consumed” along the way. And why not?

Another hybrid

People love Cornish pasties and people love Scotch eggs – so why not put them together? That’s what Tesco thought when it is introduced the world’s latest hybrid bakery product.

The scotch egg Cornish pasty is akin to a chip butty – is there a time when you need carb-on-carb? Reactions on social media were mixed with one person welcoming the product with a thankful “Finally!”

Others weren’t so impressed with users accusing Tesco of playing God, “ruining something amazing” and just being “WRONG”.

Another user posted: “That’s like going outside and putting two coats on to keep warm, doesn’t work like that you silly silly goose!”

Good point, well made.

Superhero wedding

We all know a long and happy marriage is born out of compromise and one couple learned this before even tying the knot. Bedfordshire couple Kia and Billy Bunning wanted a wedding cake that represented both their personalities and Julia Baker from Tier Tier in Milton Keynes was only too happy to oblige.

From the front, guests wouldn’t know anything was different. The cake is four-tiered wedding perfection in crisp white with artfully draped pearls and flowers flowing from the top.

However, the back reveals a darker side where each sponge tier is given to a superhero from Marvel and DC Comics. Namely, these are Captain America, Spider Man, Batman and Iron Man.

I wonder if they wrote their own vows…