The Bakers Toolkit will launch at the show in November, according to founder Luisa Zissman.

A holding web page for the brand,, states that the Bakers Toolkit, described as  “a fresh, new, iconic baking and cake decorating brand that will appeal to the masses”, will launch at this year’s Cake International between 8-10 November at the NEC in Birmingham.

Speaking via social media channel Twitter, founder and this year’s The Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman also confirmed to her followers that the brand will launch in two months’ time.

Stockists are currently being sourced, and Zissman has used Twitter to advertise for a marketing manager.

The entrepreneur has also released an image of her logo, designed by herself and produced by Michelle Venn of Designer Emvy, based in Bath. Venn also created the logo for Zissman’s other baking business, Dixie’s Cupcakery.

This year, Dr Leah Cotton won the ninth series of the BBC’s The Apprentice with her chain of beauty boutiques, beating Zissman.

Zissman recently caused a stir on Twitter by asking her followers whether or not to drop the apostrophe from her company’s title, then Baker’s Toolkit.

She said: “Is it Bakers Toolkit or Baker’s Toolkit with an apostrophe?”

She later decided to drop it because she liked “the look of Bakers”.