Bosch Packaging Technology has rolled out a microsite designed to help producers find the right machinery systems. 

Aimed at the bakery, confectionery, nuts, snacks and powder industries, helps producers find the right machinery systems to meet their needs.

Offering a single point of contact for expertise in shelf appeal, flexibility in bag styles and gentle handling of products such as cookies and crackers, it also offers bakery technology solutions from Kliklok-Woodman, which was acquired by Bosch in 2015.

Bosch has recently created a system for gentle handling of products such as cookies and crackers, capable of packing up to 200 bags per minute and 150 cartons.

Leon van de Wiel, general manager for Bosch Packaging Technology (Netherlands), said the microsite would enable customers to navigate the complex world of packaging technology. There is also an Insights section with advice about common challenges faced by producers when selecting and running packaging equipment.

Challenges include end-pack result, brand positioning, features such as resealable options, flexibility, production output and footprint.

“Choosing a complete system is far more complex than selecting an individual machine,” said van de Wiel. “Our goal is to make the process of finding the right technology as easy and clear as possible.”

He said the microsite allowed manufacturers to review various bag, pack, carton and case styles, and to identify the optimum system for their specific needs.

“To be competitive, food and non-food producers are constantly required to come up with new recipes and appealing pack styles. The range of pack styles has expanded significantly over the past year, and shipping distances have increased too, demanding thorough product protection, while retailers favour shelf-ready or easy-to-handle cases.

“Overall, manufacturers have to decide on primary, secondary, tertiary or end-of-line packaging. They also have to marry marketing needs with production and business constraints, such as investment, output and footprint.”