Burton’s Biscuit Company has expanded into the ’out of home’ market, by launching a range of single serve snack packs aimed at adults.

The launch will be supported by the biscuit giant’s first mobile application, aimed at independent and convenience retailers.

Burton’s is launching three single serve packs of biscuit brands, which are Maryland Gooeys twin snack pack, a bag of bite size Maryland Choc Chip Cookies and a pack of Cadbury Fingers (Minis).

David Costello, head of customer category management, said that recent Nielsen data shows the ‘treat’ biscuit sector is the only part of the ’take home biscuit’ market that is in growth.

He said: “This is a major category-boosting move that will create a host of new eating occasions for sweet biscuit treats to be enjoyed out of the home.

“Sweet biscuits are already the number one choice for snacking in the home, but people have a very limited offer of traditional treat biscuits when they’re on the move so we are enabling retailers to plug a huge gap in the market.

“Other categories associated with consumption in the home have adapted to changing consumer lifestyles, and developed an out of home offering, but traditional biscuits have been slow to do so.”

Burton’s is also offering a range of savoury biscuit bites alongside the sweet products.

The company launched Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips and Cathedral City Baked Bites earlier this year, which it claims is already adding £8m to the savoury biscuit category.

Costello said: “For people who prefer savoury, our Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips & Cathedral City Baked Bites offer a tasty alternative to traditional crisps and snacks. 

“Savoury biscuits is an area which is benefitting from increased focus on health, due to the perceived health benefit of baked versus fried snacks.  Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips and Cathedral City Baked Bites have taken the market by storm and are set to become two of our most successful launches ever.”

Burton’s ‘Snacks to Go’ app features the product catalogue, retailer testimonials, category management advice and the option to purchase in-store point of sale (POS).

The app will also allow retailers to claim 50% off the purchase of four different cases of product from the single serve range, as an introductory offer.