Burton’s Biscuit Company has added Jam & Yogurt Snacks to its Jammie Dodger line-up.

Burton’s described the NPD as “a modern twist on the classic jam sandwich”. It combines a yoghurt filling and raspberry jam sandwiched between two shortcake biscuits featuring the usual Jammie Dodger heart design.

Burton’s said the biscuits were 97 calories per portion (two biscuits), working in line with the company’s continued agenda to offer consumers as greater number of permissible snacks under 100 calories.

Citing Kantar data, the company said the kids minis market is worth £62.3m [w/e 24 March 2019], with the number of children consuming biscuits as part of a carried-out lunch up 32% year on year [4 November 2018]

“Biscuit portion packs are also in continued growth, highlighting the opportunity to deliver snacks that are convenient and permissible whilst still a delicious treat,” said Kate Needham, marketing director at Burton’s Biscuit Company.

“We reformatted our Maryland Minis products last year to offer a portion size that hits less than 100 calories per serve, in line with the Public Health England guidelines for kid’s snacking needs. A flash on pack, across Maryland minis, Jammie Dodger minis and now Jammie Dodgers Jam & Yogurt snacks, highlights the calorie content per portion, enabling parents to make an informed decision when buying lunchtime treats and afternoon snacks for their children.”

The Jam & Yogurt snacks are launching in Tesco this month before rolling out across multiple channels. They will have an rrp of £1.39 for a box of five packs, each containing two biscuits.