Dr Oetker has launched a takeaway pizza concept for convenience stores under its Chicago Town brand.

Tapping in to the grab-and-go market, the hot and fresh takeaway pizza concept requires the purchase of the Chicago Town hot ‘Pizza to Go’ cabinet (£550+VAT) – which is reimbursed in stock as an introductory offer. The cabinet is installed for free and retailers will receive free training and POS.

The cabinet enables retailers to prepare and sell 12-inch stuffed crust Chicago Town pizzas, which can be sold in quarter slice, half pizza or even a whole pizza sizes.

The pizzas are available in its Loaded Pepperoni and Loaded Cheese variants.

“Chicago Town ‘Pizza to Go’ is the ideal addition to your existing hot food offering, providing all the authentic high street takeaway characteristics that always hit the spot and keep customers hungry for more,” said Richard Cooper, senior brand manager at Dr Oetker.

“With sales of hot food to go predicted to go through the roof in 2019 there has never been a better time to get your hands on one of our fantastic hot ‘Pizza to Go’ solutions.”